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Boyd Kirkland on X-Men: Evolution's Future

With the Apocalypse now walking the Earth, X-Men: Evolution fans are in a frenzy to find out what happens next. Boyd Kirkland, producer of the series, told Toon Zone News that the rise of Apocalypse is only the beginning.

X-Men "The most obvious 'impact' of our opening episode is the return of Apocalypse, the beginning of the implementation of his plans, and the growing concern of the world," says Kirkland. "Given how powerful Apocalypse is, Xavier won't be immediately leading the X-Men into battle against him -- having seen how fool-hardy that was for Magneto -- so there will be other things happening."

Until the X-Men can formulate a plan, the team will be dealing with their own personnel problems. The Brotherhood and The Acolytes will also have to deal with the ramifications of these events as well.

"Magneto's followers -- including the Brotherhood -- each respond to these events in different ways," says Kirkland. "Wanda's response to her father's demise, in 'Impact,' will be the catalyst for our next show, 'No Good Deed,' in which the Brotherhood seek to fool the public into thinking they're heroes for their own gain."

After No Good Deed comes Target X, and the return of a familiar face.

"'Target X' continues the story of X23, who is still being pursued by Hydra and Shield," says Kirkland. "Of course, Wolverine will be at the center of it."

However, the biggest plotline that fans are aching to see more of is the supposed death of Mystique at the hands of Rogue, her adopted daughter. In the final moments of "Impact," Rogue destroyed Mystique, now a stone statue, in a fit of rage.

"The impact of Rogue's destroying Mystique will be explored a few episodes later, in 'Cajun Spice,' which is another great story with a definite change of pace for our series," says Kirkland." Good stuff coming up!"