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Boyd Kirkland on X-Men: Evolution

Marvel Animation Age's Jim Harvey was able to catch up with Boyd Kirkland to talk about the final season three episodes of X-Men: Evolution, as well as provide a peek into the fourth season, shortly before all the episodes aired.

X-Men "The last four shows of season three will air in May," said Kirkland. "'Cruise Control' is a lighter story of our guys on vacation, where we'll learn more about Amara aka Magma. 'X23' is a Wolverine story which introduces a great new character created by Marvel's Craig Kyle. The final two episodes are a two-part story building to the release of Apocalypse. All of these shows are very strong, but I must say, the finale' directed by Gary Graham has some really jaw-dropping moments in it! Fans will be left wanting more, and I'm pleased we'll be able to bring it to them!"

Fans have been wondering whether or not X-Men: Evolution would continue, and last week the network confirmed a fourth season is coming. Kirkland was able to let a few details about the fourth season slip.

"Yes, there will be a fourth season, consisting of nine new episodes," said Kirkland. "We have already started production, with two final scripts and outlines or premises for most of the rest. Several stories will introduce new villains and continue to develop our established characters."

One storyline that fans are anticipating is the fight against Apocalypse, which has been hinted at for most of the season. "The final battle against Apocalypse will also escalate to an exciting conclusion with shocking developments for several key characters. Frank Paur and Gary Graham are returning as directors, and they will be joined by Doug Murphy, who I worked with years ago on Batman, the Animated Series. Last year's director, Curt Geda, is still busy over at Warner Bros. with the Batman video. Kids' WB is very happy with this series, so if ratings hold up, chances are good that it will continue on for a fifth season."