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X-Men: Evolution Episode Guide

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Episode #14 - Growing Pains
Original Airdate - September 29th, 2001
The Brotherhood gatecrash a soccer match of Jean's team and threaten to expose mutantkind to the world.

Episode #15 - Power Surge
Original Airdate - October 6th, 2001
Jean Grey loses control of her powers, and the only one able to contain her is Rogue.

Episode #16 - Badda-Bing, Badda-Boom
Original Airdate - October 13th, 2001
Boom Boom flirts with Nightcrawler, and then gets a visit from her criminal father who wants her to commit a crime for him. Tabitha reluctantly agrees, but then crosses the way of the Brotherhood, and joins them at the end of the episode.

Episode #17 - Fun and Games
Original Airdate - October 20th, 2001
While Professor X has to mend Juggernaut's stasis cell, the younger X-Men trick Cyclops and Jean Grey to exit the Mansion in order to have a party. However, there is a guest with sinister intentions.

Episode #18 - The Beast of Bayville
Original Airdate - October 27th, 2001
Dr. Hank McCoy has no energy left to fight his mutation, which forces him to be a violent Beast. When he finally becomes a monster, Spyke is the only one who can possibly reach Dr. McCoy.

Episode #19 - Adrift
Original Airdate - November 3rd, 2001
During Scott's visit to Hawaii, he attempts to rescue his brother, Alex, who has been pulled out to sea by a riptide while surfing, and together they must face the elements on their own.

Episode #20 - On Angel's Wings
Original Episode Airdate November 17th, 2001
In Christmas time, a mysterious angel is saving people's lives. Rogue and Cyclops track down Warren Worthington, who is deeply unsure about his mutation. Magneto wants to frame him, in order to instill hate against mankind into him, and the two X-Men have to set things straight.

Episode #21 - African Storm
Original Airdate December 1st, 2001
Storm is tormented by Houngan, an evil African shaman who wants to take over Africa. Storm and the X-Men have to stop an enemy who knows every weakness of hers.

Episode #22 - Joyride
Original Airdate - December 15th, 2001
Lance Alvers (Avalanche) wants to join the X-Men in order to be near Kitty. Unfortunately, the rest of the Brotherhood, along with several of the X-Men, are not pleased with his decision.

Episode #23 - Walk on the Wild Side
Original Airdate January 26th, 2002
The female X-Men are fed up with playing second fiddle, and form a vigilante crime-fighting group. For a while, things go great, but in the end, an old enemy crosses their way.

Episode #24 - Operation: Rebirth
Original Airdate February 2nd, 2002
Nick Fury informs Wolverine that Magneto has stolen a device once used to create the super-soldier Captain America. Wolverine, Rogue and Nightcrawler go to recover it. Meanwhile, Logan reminisces about his history with Captain America during World War II.

Episode #25 - Mindbender
Original Airdate February 16th, 2002
A mysterious hypnotist named Mesmero kidnaps some of the X-Men and brainwashes them into committing crimes for him.

Episode #26 - Shadow Dance
Original Airdate - March 2nd, 2002
The Bayville High Sadie Hawkins dance arrives, and everybody is scrambling for dates. Jean is highly jealous of Scott's date. In the meanwhile, Forge constructs a device which augments Nightcrawler's teleportation, but is unaware that vicious monsters from Kurt's bamf dimension will now be able to enter Earth.

Episode #27 - Retreat
Original Airdate March 30th, 2002
In order to help a depressive Beast out of his slump, Kitty arranges a field trip with the New Mutants. However, hunters catch Beast, thinking him to be Bigfoot, and the young mutants must save their teacher from life in captivity.

Episode #28 - The HeX Factor
Original Airdate - April 20th, 2002
A mentally unstable, but immensely powerful mutant called Wanda is abducted from a mental institution and becomes the newest Brotherhood member, much to the horror of her brother Pietro. The new Brotherhood defeats the X-Men single-handedly.

Episode #29 - Day of Reckoning, Part 1
Original Airdate - May 11th, 2002
Anti-mutant racist Bolivar Trask abducts Wolverine and introduces him to his newest invention, the Sentinels. Meanwhile, Magneto wants to provoke all-out war between mankind and mutantkind and summons his Acolytes to create mayhem.

Episode #30 - Day of Reckoning, Part 2
Original Airdate - May 11th, 2002
The X-Men are shocked when Professor X teams them up with the Brotherhood to stop them, but then, a shocking twist reveals that nothing was to be as it seemed to be.

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