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X-Men: Evolution Comic Series

Marvel Comics describes the series as:

"You've seen the X-Men: Evolution animated series... but do you know what happened before the show began? Marvel kicks off a new all-ages title based on the popular program!"

Scroll down below for a look at the short-lived though acclaimed comic series based on the X-Men: Evolution animated series.

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Issue # 03 - April 2002

Release Date: January 30, 2002
Cover Price: $2.25 U.S. / $3.50 Canada

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"Hearing Things"

Writer: Devin Grayson
Artwork by: Udon, with Long Vo, Charles Park and Saka of Studio XD
Lettering: Sharpefont's Andy Gentile
Editor: Ralph Macchio
Assistant Editor: Brian Smith
Editor In Chief: Joe Quesada
President: Bill Jemas
Pages: 22

Original Solicitation

Cover by Udon Studios with Studio Xd
By Devin Grayson / Long Vo/ Studio Xd

Think it'd be cool to be able to read people's minds? Tell that to Jean Grey! Can she come to terms with her uncontrollable powers in time to stop the new mutant named Toad? And what does Cyclops make of the new red-haired girl?

January 30, $2.25

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