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Target X
Review and Media by Stu

Episode #46 - Target X
Original Airdate September 6th, 2003

Wolverine is abducted by Omeaga Red and X23 returns, hoping to finally kill the one who made her who she is today - Madame Hydra.

Written By: Craig Kyle, Chris Yost
Directed By: Doug Murphy
Music Composed By: William Anderson

Review: The controversial X23 makes her return here as Omega Red debuts. I know a lot of people love bashing X23, but I never really had any problem with her. She could be irritating at times sure, but the majority of the teenage cast also had that going against them. I am glad they recast, however, the previous voice really didn’t work very well at all. The new voice wasn’t an outstanding improvement, but still better than her predecessor.

The main problem with this episode is Omega Red. Now, if you’ve happened to check out the X-Men: The Animated Series site, you’re probably aware that I think Omega Red is utterly awesome. I can remember watching a preview clip of him on Kids WBs! Website, and instantly anticipating this episode more than usual.

Unfortunately, Omega Red was nothing short of a complete disappointment. Whilst I wouldn’t call him a failure on all levels, if you did, I wouldn’t have much of an argument against you. First off, his design. Now usually, I find this show to have brilliant designs, whether the characters are in or out of costume. But Omega Red simply lacked any threat to his look. The pupils, the lack of black eye shadow, his build, none of it felt like this guy could put the fear of God into you. His voice too lacked any real threat, and he was knocked out by a single fall, after a single kick to his ankle. His ankle. Considering how well TAS did the character, I was disappointed for sure. I know fans have speculated at lot as to which show did which version best, but here, there’s no point in even bothering to discuss, TAS completely destroyed Evolution in this case.

The rest of the episode was pretty good, but still a little weaker than usual. With the exception of the Omega Red disappointment, everything else was pretty cool. A nice script, great animation and more Nick Fury, which is always cool.