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Survival Of The Fittest
Review And Media by Stu

Episode #9 - Survival Of The Fittest
Original Airdate March 3rd, 2001

The X-Men and The Brotherhood duke it out on a survival course, whilst Professor Xavier prepares for a visit from his half brother Juggernaut.

Written By: Pamela Hickey, Dennys McCoy
Directed By: Gary Graham
Music Composed By: William Anderson
Guest Starring: Kirby Morrow as Cyclops/Scott Summers, Scott McNeil as Wolverine/Logan, Venus Terzo as Jean Grey, David Kaye as Professor Charles Xavier, Paul Dobson as Mr. Juggernaut, Neil Denis as Evan Daniels/Spyke and Colleen Wheeler as Mystique.

Review: We take a break from The X-Men/Brotherhood brawls to see them team up to take on The Unstoppable Juggernaut. Thereís a good ĺ of the episode taken up by some silly plot about them facing each other in various different obstacles courses, but itís cheesy, and best left avoided. I can tell you that I never did anything like that in school. But then, I didnít have my own jet either, and probably never will, sadly.

I was eager to see this shows version of Juggernaut, if only because we hadnít really seen their take on a non-Brotherhood villain. I also happen to think Juggernaut is one of the coolest X-Men villains ever. Heís not too bad here, heís presented as a great threat, and even got to kick Wolverine around with ease! His helmet looked pretty cool, it actually looked like a helmet and not just an extension of his head, and the locks to keep it on his head looked the business. Unfortunately, his design isnít as good as I originally hoped it would be, as Juggernaut is far too skinny for my liking. I know all the characters are long and thing, and I think it works great on the majority of them, but I think Juggernaut should have some bulk to him. It works for Blob, it can work for Juggernaut, in my opinion.

Itís a little better than most of the other episodes, and the villain fairs better than most, but thereís still a lot of weak stuff in the episode. Not the seasons best, by a long shot.