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The Stuff Of Villains
Review and Media by Stu

Episode #34 - The Stuff Of Villains
Original Airdate October 5th, 2002

The Brotherhood are offered a chance to join Magneto's group after getting kicked out of school. The only problem is they have to pass one small test... free Pterio, their former friend who turned on them in the first place!

Written By: Adam Beecham
Directed By: Gary Graham
Music Composed By: William Anderson
Guest Starring: Alessandro Juliani as Gambit and Kelly Sheridan as Scarlet Witch.

Review: With the seasons constantly moving storyline of the how people are reacting to mutants, weíre taken back a step here and shown what The Brotherhood are now doing after the events of Mainstream.

Whilst the episode is weaker than the string before it, itís still adds a lot of depth to the Brotherhood and really fleshís out one of the seriesí most interesting characters Ė the raginí Cajun himself, Gambit. I love this version of Gambit; itís easily the best heís ever been presented. Not having him join the group was a masterstroke, as Gambit works best whenís shrouded with mystery, not fighting evil and such. Everything about Gambit works here, a great voice (no cheesy Frenchman here), his dialogue and a brilliant, revamped design that greatly improves upon his rather weird design in Day Of Reckoning. I donít think Gambit works without the overcoat or the black and red eyes. Also, someone finally realised that bright, shrieking pink doesnít work on Gambit. But big, silver boots certainly do!

The main bulk of the episode is a little lower than the quality I was used to by now. I thought Ptieroís arrest was utterly daft, and he was essentially arrested because someone attacked him. I did enjoy Rogue and Kittyís attempts to follow the Brotherhood and stop them, but the rest of it seemed a little off. It all had a purpose of course, but still, a little weak for my liking.

Having Quicksilver as the teamís leader did leave great potential for future episodes though, and in essence, that didnít disappoint too much.