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Turn Of The Rogue
Review And Media by Stu

Episode #8 - Spykecam
Original Airdate February 2nd, 2001

Evan is given a video camera for a school project and gets into trouble when Sabertooth uses it to discover Wolverine's location.

Written By: Randy Littlejohn, Christy Marx
Directed By: Frank Paur
Music Composed By: William Anderson
Animation Services By: FIND OUT
Guest Starring: Kirby Morrow as Cyclops/Scott Summers, Scott McNeil as Wolverine/Logan, Venus Terzo as Jean Grey, David Kaye as Professor Charles Xavier, Richard Newman as Mr. Rodetski, Neil Denis as Evan Daniels/Spyke and Michael Donovan as Sabertooth.

Review: Another Spyke episode, but this one is slightly more annoying that the other. The main problem I found with Spyke is that he always feels like he’s trying too hard to be cool, but never ever pulls it off. He’s got all the things which a lot of people view as being cool, the haircut, the fact he shows his boxers every second of everyday and he’s a skateboarder. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough, there simply isn’t much that’s likeable about Spyke.

The idea of giving him a camera so we could see his everyday was pretty cool, but given how he films his friends using their mutant powers, you have to wonder if he has any intelligence to him at all. The B plot wasn’t really up to much either, but it was still a little better than this. Once again, we get a Wolverine Vs Sabertooth confrontation. We did really get far too much repetition in this season, The X-Men Vs The Brotherhood, Wolverine Vs Sabertooth, the goodies joining The X-Men, the baddies joining Mystique, Magneto threatening Mystique… watching this season the first time around was pretty difficult.

I did like some of the lighter moments, such as Rogue’s inability to dance and how quickly she got annoyed when Kitty could. The whole dance scene in general was pretty fun, but it didn’t really have a chance of saving the episode. It was simply mediocre from start to finish.