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Self Possessed
Review and Media by Stu

Episode #38 - Self Possessed
Original Airdate November 16th, 2002

Rogue begins to uncontrobally morph into everyone she's ever absorbed. Can The X-Men defeat one of their own?

Written By: Greg Johnson
Directed By: Curt Geda
Music Composed By: William Anderson
Guest Starring: Ellen Kennedy as Irene Adler/Destiny.

Review: Similar to Blind Alley in that a simple, original idea goes onto become of the show’s better episodes, and doesn’t stop having fun right the way through it. At this point in the series, given how much Rogue was developed, and episode of her fighting The X-Men was inevitable at this point, but I didn’t ever think it would be this much fun.

Rogue is tricky to master, because her power makes her too powerful too much. This series did a mixed job handling Rogue’s powers, as, even after dramatically powering her down from the comics, Rogue still saved the day much more than anyone else, even Cyclops. I think turning her into a Goth outsider really worked. Given how Goths don’t really get a lot of acceptance in today’s society, the shoe seems to fit. Like most Goth girls I’ve met, you don’t really know if she’s actually looking for acceptance or not either. This wasn’t the situation with TAS, who desperately wanted to touch. You often get the impression that Evo Rogue really doesn’t give a crap if she can touch or not.

The animation was a little better than usual here, and Rogue’s morphing look especially impressive. The general animation quality on Evo was excellent, but there’s one or two episodes which are worth noting, and this is one of them. It’s one episode I can’t wait to see on DVD.

Very cool episode, well worth your 22 minutes.