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Ghost Of A Chance
Review by Arsenal, Media by Stu

Episode #50 - Ghost Of A Chance
Original Airdate October 11th, 2003

Kitty discovers a mutant in need of help but no one else believes her. Is it all in her head?

Written By: Greg Johnson
Directed By: Gary Graham
Music Composed By: William Anderson

Review: Water trickles down the walls of a hallway. Our young heroine steps pensively until she is surprised by an azure, cadaverous figure. Suddenly our heroine wakes and the phone rings, she picks up the receiver and a soft voice whispers, “See Kitty Pryde in The Ring.”

This episode aped the horror-flick formula but the trick ending didn’t work. To enjoy the episode, you must believe that the first act, after Kitty’s crash, was a dream sequence. But events occur in the second act—Sam and Logan’s race—that are dependent on the first act being real. If considered at any length, the episode’s logic falls apart.

Despite an incongruous plot, there are still bits worth appreciating. By this time in Evolution’s run, the animation was consistently splendid. The “worst nightmare” sequences were effective (even if they only happened in Kitty’s mind. And why would Danielle project those images in to Kitty’s mind to make Kitty search for her? And why did Xavier not notice that another telepath was… oh, never mind. I’m griping, aren’t I?)

Doing a Danielle Moonstar-horror episode is a good concept, but the execution didn’t hold up.

The motocross subplot was amusing and it gave Sam a moment to shine. I figure with one episode under his belt, Cannonball did about as well in Evo as he did in TAS.