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Fun And Games
Review And Media by Stu

Episode #17 - Fun And Games
Original Airdate October 20th, 2001

With Storm and Wolverine away, Professor Xavier leaves Scott and Jean in charge. Hoping to throw the biggest party ever, the other mutants turn them against each other. Unfortunatly, they are left to fight for thier lives as Arcade gains access to the Danger Room!

Written By: Brian Swenlin
Directed By: Frank Paur
Music Composed By: William Anderson
Guest Starring: Gabe Khouth as Arcade/Webber Torque and Nicole Oliver as Risty Wilde

Review: A fun little episode, that helped set up the majority of the second season. The idea of the kids throwing a party screamed “first season cliché” to me, but it was pulled off in a believable way, without being too annoying. There was some genuinely cool stuff in here, such as the possibility of Juggernaut being awakened and the final shot of Mystique with Cerebro’s data.

Using Arcade in this manner was actually a very logical idea, as the show is pretty grounded in reality in a lot of manners, there’s no time travelling or anything too fantastical about the show, so having Murderworld and a traditional supervillian would’ve been a little too jarring to see on the show and probably wouldn’t have gotten past WB’s ‘teen’ rule. It was great fun to see The X-Men fight The Danger Room, and actually stood as one of the more memorable fights throughout the series. Arcade had featured as a walk on character in a couple of episodes before this one, but he wasn’t seen again afterwards. He’s not really a villain that could have returned, but his presence wasn’t that memorable to begin with.

Jean and Scott’s relationship also gets a few interesting twists and turns, as Jean appears to be jealous of Scott’s new would be girlfriend, and the two are played against each other by the younger mutants.

The real shocker here was the revelation that Risty was Mystique all along. Whilst I felt that Mystique was practically useless in the opening season, she was used to great effect hereafter. She was behind a whole lot of twists and turns in the series, the best being her appearance in the final 3 outstanding episodes of this season.

Another good episode, which really left me wanting to see more.