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X-Men: Evolution - Enemies Unveiled

Release Information:
Format: DVD
Packaging Type: Amaray
Media Quantity: 1
Run Time: 60 Minutes

Walk On The Wild Side
Operation Rebirth
Aspect Ratio(s): 4:3

Edition Details:
• Encoding: Region
• Animated, Color

Review and Scans By Stu

Another volume, another four episodes of X-Men: Evolution on DVD. If you’ve read the other reviews you’re probably more than aware of what to expect by now and this one does very little different from those before it, except it has a cooler cover instead of the rather poor ones used on previous releases.

The new features are a little poorer than I expected but at this point in the show’s release it was strictly aimed at the younger crowd, not the collectors market or fans of The X-Men. If a perfect world there’d be a nice mix of both but unfortunately, most of these releases are aimed solely at those who have to get their parents to push ‘Play’ for them. Shame, as I always find the creators comments about this show to be highly interesting. Bios are lame, and trivia is even worse. Buy this one if you like the episodes only folks, there’s nothing to these features.