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The Scarlet Witch

Real Name: Wanda Maximoff
First Appearance: The HeX Factor
Voice: Kelly Sheridan
Abandoned in a mental institute after her powers became too unstable at an early age, Wanda hated her Father for leaving her there, and became emotionally unstable because of her hatred towards him. Although he wanted to help Wanda, Xavier knew that having her live at the Institute would be a great risk to the other students.

Mystique later freed her and she joined The Brotherhood, hoping to exact her revenge on her Father. After she nearly killed him when The Sentinels struck, he kidnapped Wanda and had Mastermind replace the bad memories of her Father with her good ones. When he ‘killed’ by Apocalypse she blamed The X-Men for not helping him.

When she realised he was still alive as a Horseman, she offered to help Kitty stop him, and bring him back to himself. After defeating him, her, Magneto and Pterio left as a family.