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Real Name: Todd Tolansky
First Appearance: Unexpected Changes
Voice: Noel Fisher
A loud mouthed; down on his luck mutant with toad-like abilities, Toad struggled to fit in anywhere other than The Brotherhood, a group of mutant misfits also struggling for acceptance.

Toad and The Brotherhood would constantly battle the X-Men under orders from Mystique, always on the losing side of things. When she disappeared, they were on their own. After more fighting and more losing, Mystique returned with Wanda, their new secret weapon. Toad, instantly smitten with the new girl did his all to impress her, even stealing Nightcrawler’s halowatch to trick her into thinking he was someone else.

He later found the acceptance he looked for so long after he and The Brotherhood accidentally stopped a runaway subway train, saving those inside. After they went too far and starting committing disasters in order to save them, they were found out and were back to square one.

Uncharacteristically, they helped The X-Men stop Apocalypse and his Horsemen, proving that they aren’t your typical group of supervillians.