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Real Name: Pterio Maximoff
First Appearance: Speed And The Spyke
Voice: Richard Ian Cox
Son of Magneto, Quicksilver one of the first mutants to use his powers for his own gain, as he began using his speed to steal cash from lockers at his old school. After he was found out and arrested, Magneto sent him to live with The Brotherhood, where he was subjected to many ass kicking’s from The X-Men.

He later turned against The Brotherhood and joined his Father’s new group, The Acolytes. After he was arrested due to a fight with Wanda, Magneto instructed Gambit to offer The Brotherhood a deal – release Pterio and he will let them join his new group. After bumbling the mission, Magneto decided the group still needed a new leader because the current group was an embarrassment. He decided that Quicksilver himself would be the best person to lead the group.

After The Brotherhood were proven heroes after a freak subway crash, Pterio decided that being a good guy was a great and went to considerable lengths to continue to have the public believe that they were heroes true and proper. It soon stopped when it was revealed that they were the ones behind the accidents and they were back to being unpopular misfits. Pterio, Wanda and Magneto finally reunited as a family.