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Real Name: Raven Darkholme
First Appearance: Strategy X
Voice: Colleen Wheeler
A shape shifter who originally followed Magneto, she did all she could to oppose Xavier, creating The Brotherhood, hoping to build a team that was a match for his X-Men. After failing numerous times, Magneto grew impatient with her and decided that she too had to earn her place on Asteroid M. Magneto often came between Mystique and her children, Nightcrawler and Rogue

Unimpressed with being betrayed, she set out her own objectives and left her job as Principal, and took on a new ‘civilian’ form, Risty and became friends with Rogue, her adopted daughter. After kidnapping Xavier and later taking his place again, Mystique told The X-Men they would never see him again unless they helped her free her people, some of whom were caught when The Sentinels attacked and mutants were exposed to the world.

She was betrayed once again by Cyclops, and was locked up whilst all the other mutants escaped. She escaped and planned her revenge against Cyclops, the one who responsible for her arrest. She kidnapped him and removed his glasses, leaving him essentially blind and highly dangerous to anyone around him. Her next plan came to fruition after Mesmero hypnotised Rogue and used her to free Apocalypse. Mystique was again tricked and turned into stone. Hating Mystique for all that she had to her, Rogue pushed the statue off a cliff, smashing it to pieces.

It turned out that it wasn’t her after all, and Mystique served as one of Apocalypse’s Horseman. After he was defeated, she returned to normal and apologised to Rogue and Kurt for how she treated them. They rejected her, and left her on her own. It’s unknown what she did after that, but chances are it won’t have been good.