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First Appearance: Mindbender
Voice: Ron Halder
Mesmero was Apocalypse’s servant, who made it his mission in life to resurrect his master, no matter what or who he had to go through to get it. Possessing the power to make others do whatever he wished, Mesmero entered the minds of several X-Men and used them to steal rings that were part of a key to free Apocalypse.

He later used Gambit in order to steal an ancient artefact from Warren Worthington, and irked the ire of Magneto by using his henchmen. When Worthington went to Xavier after the spider stone was stolen, Mesmero now had both The X-Men and Magneto’s Acolytes doing their all to prevent him from resurrecting Apocalypse. He later used Rogue and Mystique to do his bidding for him and finally freed his master.

Apocalypse then completely abandoned him, and when he finally did make his move, Mesmero revealed his plan to The X-Men after a little help from Wolverine.