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Real Name: Eric Magnus Lensherr
First Appearance: Strategy X
Voice: Christopher Judge
The master of Magnetism, Magneto believes that mutants should take their place as superior beings, and believes that normal homo sapiens don’t matter in the slightest. He originally planned to move mutants away from the prejudice he believed they would face on Earth and held battles to see who was worthy enough to live with him on Asteroid M. After this was destroyed in an explosion, he most remained hidden, recruiting new Acolytes after The Brotherhood and Mystique disappointed him time and time again.

After he finally recruited his new followers, he unveiled to the world that mutants exist before he was attacked by a Sentinel, and fled with his son Quicksilver. He soon focused his attention on Apocalypse, a new threat who planned to turn all humans into mutants. After accidentally defeating one of the obstacles in Apocalypse’s way, he began frantically planning on how he was going to defeat Apocalypse. After discovering his ancients ruins and where his sleeping body lie, they realised they were too late and Apocalypse was resurrected. After defeating The X-Men, The Brotherhood and The Acolytes within seconds, Magneto realised he would have to strike as hard as he could as quickly as he could.

He and his Acolytes search the world hoping to learn the secrets of Apocalypse’s weaknesses but he eventually grew tired and confronted Apocalypse one on one. After throwing everything he had at him, Magneto was defeated and believed to be dead. He was simply brainwashed and later served as one of The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse, but was changed back to himself when Apocalypse was defeated. He left with his children, Wanda and Pterio, and Xavier’s glimpse into the future shows he later joined his former enemies, The X-Men.