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Real Name: Remy LeBeau
First Appearance: Day Of Reckoning, Part One
Voice: Alessandro Juliani
A thief from Cajun country, Gambit was unveiled as one of Magneto’s Acolytes, and seemed to take particular interest in Rogue from the moment they met. He did whatever Magneto asked him to, but no one but the two of them ever knew why. He helped Magneto try to defeat Apocalypse, but after his ‘death’ Gambit went solo.

He later returned and kidnapped Rogue, offering her a chance for freedom from The X-Men. After they got into a tussle with people who were holding Gambit’s Father captive, Gambit used Rogue’s absorbed knowledge of the people who attacked them to try and free his Dad. Initially angry that she had been used, Rogue offered to help Gambit after failing to save her own Mother. They managed to save his father, and Xavier’s glimpse into the future shows that Gambit later did join his team.