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Real Name: Lance Alvers
First Appearance: The X Impulse
Voice: Christopher Grey


After The Brotherhood were left leaderless after Mystique left, Lance took charge, deciding it was time that they get their due respect. Thinking that it was time mutants were exposed to the world, The Brotherhood crashed and ruined Bayville High’s soccer game, before Xavier wiped everyone’s minds to make them forget.

In an attempt to get closer to Kitty, he joined The X-Men. Giving no slack from day one, Alvers was picked on by the other X-Men and took the blame whenever something went wrong. He eventually left, despite Kitty’s pleas for him to stay.

When mutants were revealed to the public, Alvers showed his true side by trying to get the X-Men kicked out of school. Accused of being a thug by Kitty, he felt that nothing he ever did was going to be good enough for her, so he essentially stopped trying.

When she asked for The Brotherhood’s help to help stop Apocalypse, he told her where to go. He changed his mind and stole a helijet to come and help her, and when it was all over, they finally left together.