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Real Name: En Sabah Nur
First Appearance: Dark Horizon, Part Two
Voice: David Kaye

Abandoned as an infant, En Sabah Nur was found and raised by Baal, Nur was trained to be a great warrior. Possessing speed, strength and skill far greater than those of normal men. When Rama-tut learned of Nurís great power, he ordered his death, seeing him as a potential threat. Killing many of Nurís fellow soldiers and his adopted Father Baal and renamed himself Apocalypse. Using Rama-tutís futuristic technology after he fled rather than face the wrath of Apocalypse, Apocalypse tried to change everyone in the world into mutants, like him. Before he could execute his plan, his minions turned on him, trapping him and locking him behind 3 doors, hoping he would never be revived.

He later gained contact with Mesmero and used him to free himself, and created domes around 3 separate pyramids whilst his strength returned and he laid the foundations for his plans. When he put his plan into motion, he used Xavier, Magneto, Mystique and Storm as his Horsemen but was again defeated when he tried to change the world into mutants, as Rogue trapped him inside his device, locking him inside forever.