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Professor Xavier

Real Name: Charles Xavier
First Appearance: Strategy X
Voice: David Kaye
The world’s greatest telepath, Professor Charles Xavier opened his Institute, a school for gifted youngsters in hopes of teaching them how to control their gifts in hopes that they would one day use them to benefit both humans and mutants.

Using cerebro, a device created to greatly increase his telepathic ability/range, he found mutants and offered to help them deal with their abilities as well as offering them a home.

Whilst he was constantly helping other people’s children he was unaware that he himself was a Father, from a short-lived marriage before he opened his school. When his son was kidnapped, he fled to Scotland after being summoned by his ex-wife. After releasing that David was taken by another one of his own personalities, Xavier attempted to help defeat David’s alter egos but failed, causing the rebel Lucas to fully emerge and leaving David completely submerged.

Barely finding the time to grieve, Xavier hoped to make peace with the looming threat of Apocalypse and confronted him. Despite his best efforts, Apocalypse defeated him with ease, turning him into one of his Four Horsemen. Jean defeated him but not before he managed to see a glimpse of the future where he proclaimed that The X-Men will continue on, through even the most difficult of times.