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Real Name: Logan
First Appearance: Strategy X
Voice: Scott McNeil
The subject of the mysterious Weapon X project, Wolverine remembers little of his past. The procedure completely wiped his mind and also grafted an indestructible alloy, adamantium, onto his skeleton. As a precaution in case Logan ever went rogue, the scientist who instructed the procedure placed a chip in the back of his brain that allowed him to control Wolverine. After the lab in Alkali Lake was blown up, Professor Xavier removed the chip.

Wolverine returned to the institute to teach the younger mutants how to handle their powers, much to their dismay. Whilst not exactly being the cuddliest of teachers, Wolverine looked out for them both in the institute and as their leader on missions. Often forming strategies for the team whilst out in the field, Wolverine’s experiences and training in Weapon X, SHIELD and WWII made him the perfect field commander for the younger members.

Wolverine’s past would often come back to haunt him, none more so than X23, a genetically modified clone made from a sample of his DNA. Hydra would train the girl from childhood to be the ultimate killing machine. Blaming Wolverine for her terrible childhood, X23 invaded the institute and attempted to kill him. After battling him, she realised he wasn’t to blame and went on the run.

Omega Red, an enemy of Logan’s who swore revenge against Wolverine for something that he did to him before he was given his adamantium skeleton and kidnapped him but Wolverine and X23 managed to defeat him and destroy Hydra’s base later kidnapped him. Wolverine later helped The X-Men defeat Apocalypse and continued to train young mutants in how to handle themselves in missions and the battlefield.