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Real Name: Ororo Munroe
First Appearance: Strategy X
Voice: Kristen Williamson
An African Goddess turned schoolteacher, Storm helped young mutants learn to control their powers as one of the instructors at Xavier’s Institute. The majority of her attentions were focused on her nephew Evan who joined the institute after it was discovered he too was a mutant. Often disobedient and difficult to tolerate, Storm gave it her all to try and help him with his abilities and was devastated when he became too bizarre in appearance to live in the normal world and moved out of the Institute to the Morlock tunnels.

With the ability to control the weather, Storm proved to be one of The X-Men’s most powerful members but her most useful contributions were as a trainer. When mutants were ousted, Storm took charge and spoke to the world, telling them about mutants and how they shouldn’t be treated as a threat, they are people too, simply different from ‘normal’ homo sapiens. Whilst her speech did not make people accept mutant, it was a strong start.

After she attempted to help Xavier defeat Apocalypse, the two of them were turned into his Horseman, all powerful beings with no free will and full obedience to Apocalypse. She was later defeated by her own students, and brought back to herself.