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Real Name: Evan Daniels
First Appearance: Speed And The Spyke
Voice: Neil Denis
Nephew of Storm, Spyke moved into the Institute when he learned he was a mutant. Often disobedient and difficult to work with, despite her best efforts Storm often completely failed to get through to Spyke no matter how hard she tried.

As Spyke continued to grow, so did his mutations. Struggling to keep spikes from shooting from his skin, Spyke choice to live under the sewers with The Morlocks after he became too angry to deal with the topsiders and his powers had made him physically different from normal humans to live amongst them.

Acting as The Morlocks leader, he protected them and any other mutants from hate crimes in Bayville. After their prosecutors were arrested, Spyke returned to the sewers. He later helped stop Apocalypse from turning the world into mutants and helped free his Aunt from the mental hold Apocalypse held over her.