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First Appearance: Rogue Recruit
Voice: Meghan Black

A southern Goth, Rogue isolated herself from the world due to her inability to touch others without hurting them and absorbing their memories.

Her adopted mother, Mystique often tried to use Rogue solely for her powers and originally tricked her into thinking The X-Men were her enemies. After they realised this was all a lie, she decided to join them. She later grew a crush on Scott, despite him being more interested in Jean.

Rogue was often forced to use her powers on other mutants, and their memories stayed in her head, almost to the point of torturing her. This finally manifested when she kept morphing into those whose powers she had absorbed and she fought The X-Men before Wolverine and Professor Xavier managed to calm her down and she collapsed.

No sooner was she up and about when she was again used by Mystique. With Mesmero controlling her actions, she attacked and absorbed all the powers from The X-Men, The Brotherhood and The Acolytes. She later had those powers absorbed from her by Apocalypse and was glad when Mystique was changed into stone.

When Nightcrawler hoped to restore their mother, Agatha Harkness revealed that only Rogue had the power to change her back. Rather than help, Rogue simply pushed her from the cliff, shattering her into millions of pieces.

She later played a pivotal part in stopping Apocalypse, and left with Kurt, arm in arm, realising that neither of them needed Mystique as a Mother.