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Real Name: Kurt Wagner
First Appearance: Strategy X
Voice: Brad Swaile
An orphan found in a lake as a baby, Kurt Wagner grew up in Germany, lonely, due to his physical appearance. In his teen years, Professor Charles Xavier who was aware of Kurtís condition, invited him to join others like him at his school for gifted youngsters contacted his adoptive parents. Upon his arrival, Xavier gave Kurt a holo-watch, a device that could allow him to look like a normal person. Finally free of his physical burden, Kurt enrolled at Bayville High with only his fellow X-Men knowing of his secret.

Whilst at Bayville, Rogue, whom he lived with at the institute, had a dream about Kurt as a baby being thrown into a river. He eventually learned that the woman in the dream was Mystique, his biological Mother. Although he hated all that she stood for, Kurt did all in his power to save her when Apocalypse and Mesmero turned her into stone. He was devastated when Rogue pushed the statue off a cliff, refusing to help their Mother.

When Mystique later returned as one of Apocalypseís Horsemen, Kurt and Rogue realised that a woman as vile and despicable as her didnít deserve their attention.