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Real Name: Kitty Pryde
First Appearance: The X-Impulse
Voice: Maggie Blue O'Hara
A typical valley girl, Kitty first discovered her powers when she began ‘phasing’ through her floor. After Xavier contacted her and her parents, she moved to the Institute to learn how to control her powers.

She later started to fall for Lance, a member of The Brotherhood. Their relationship rocked back and forth and took a major turning point when Lance decided to join The X-Men! After constantly taking abuse from everyone inside The Institute, Lance attempted to stop the other New Recruits from taking the X-Jet out for a spin.

After he was wrongly accused, he left The X-Men. Kitty pleaded with him to stay, but Lance knew things wouldn’t work out between them. He later tried to save her when The Brotherhood attacked The X-Men, but after mutants were revealed, Kitty realised that Lance was simply a thug and he would never change.

After he refused to originally help her and The X-Men tackle Apocalypse, Kitty’s opinion hadn’t changed much. He later arrived (via a stolen helijet, no less) and helped her to her feet after she fell at the hands of Magneto. They later left with their arms around each other.