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Jean Grey

First Appearance: Strategy X
Voice: Venus Terzo
Jean possesí telekinesis, the ability to move objects with oneís mind as well as limited telepathic ability. One of Xavierís first and most powerful mutants, Jean often struggled to control her powers and becomes a danger to those around her. After completely losing all control, Scott managed to get her to focus all her attention on him, and The Professor managed to repair her shattered mind. Realising that she has a special connection with Scott, the two became best friends whilst she dated Duncan.

After mutants were revealed to the public, Duncan tried to exploit Jeanís powers and she dumped him. After months of uming and ahing, when Scott was abducted by Mystique, she found him and the two finally began dating.

After graduation, they became instructors at the Institute, and tried to help the disobedient new recruits learn how to control their powers.

When Xavier looked into the future after his encounter with Apocalypse, he saw Jean become The Phoenix and realised that soon, his X-Men would be forced to face her.