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Real Name: Scott Summers
First Appearance: Strategy X
Voice: Kirby Morrow
Orphaned at a young age after his parents were killed in a plane crash, Scott Summers later became the first student at Charles Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters. Xavier taught Scott how to control his mutant ability, a powerful beam of laser from his eyes. As Scott cannot control this blast, he is forced to wear Ruby Quartz lenses to protect those around him from his devastating power.

Often acting as the leader of the teenage X-Men, Scott was often pushing them to better themselves and defeat The Brotherhood, a group of mutants who fought against The X-Men on a constant basis.

Although Scott had great confidence as a leader, he struggled to make an impression on Jean Grey, his best friend whom he hoped to get closer with. After mutants were revealed to the public, Jean’s relationship with Duncan ended, and the two grew closer than ever.

They finally got together when Scott was kidnapped by Mystique, as revenge for leaving her at the mercy of the guards in Area 51. Abandoned in Mexico without his visor, Scott was unable to see anything around him, for fear of hurting anyone in the area. When Mystique finally made her attempt to kill Scott, Jean came and forced her to flee.

The two of them then attempted a nice peaceful Graduation before Magneto and his Acolytes interfered, claiming that Rogue had been placed under Mesmero’s spell, planning to use her to free Apocalypse. After battling Apocalypse’s minions before his inevitable escape, The X-Men had no choice but to simply wait for his next move. In the meantime, Scott joined Wolverine, Beast and Storm as instructors, helping to train the new recruits on how to use their powers.