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Real Name: Hank McCoy
First Appearance: Growing Pains
Voice: Michael Kopsa
One of the first mutants that Xavier tried to reach, instead of confronting the beast he was turning into, Hank McCoy instead developed a serum that suppressed the rage inside of him.

Taking on the job as Science teacher at Bayville High, McCoy began having trouble controlling his rage again. Hoping to stop it before it hurt anyone, McCoy developed another serum, which dire consequences. Turning his skin into a blue fur, the mindless Beast was finally defeated by The X-Men, and Professor Xavier was able to return his mind to him.

With McCoy now a wanted fugitive, he realised he could no longer teach at Bayville, Xavier offered him a role as an instructor at his school, allowing him to teach young mutants how to control their powers and how to use them for the good of humans and mutants.

As well as teach the younger students; Beast was a pivotal player in the war against Apocalypse, where his knowledge of ancient Egyptian was used to learn the origins of Apocalypse, and his plans for the mutant race.