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Real Name: Warren Worthington III
First Appearance: On Angel's Wings
Voice: Mark Hildreth
A wealthy mutant who believed he was cursed with his gifts, Warren Worthington attempted to help those by acting as New York’s guardian angel. When people started to believe that he was an Angel from the heavens, The Professor sent Scott and Rogue to see if he was an angel, or a mutant.

Unfortunately for Worthington, The X-Men weren’t the only ones interested in the new mutant. Magneto attempted to have him join what would later become his Acolytes, trying to sway Warren, saying that the human lives aren’t worth saving. After a fight with Magneto and the realisation of how quickly the people of New York turned on him, Warren decided that the world simply wasn’t ready to accept mutants yet.

He later sought The X-Men’s help after a precious artefact was stolen from his house by Gambit, who was under the control of Mesmero. He helped the X-Men by travelling to England where they attempted to seize the second half of the stone and preventing Apocalypse’s resurrection. After failing, he returned home to American. When Apocalypse put his plan into motion, Angel once again helped The X-Men to defeat Apocalypse.