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X-Men: Evolution's Wolverine

Wolverine will be one of the X-Men characters who will not be a teenager in the upcoming X-Men: Evolution animated series on Kids' WB!"It was almost like there were certain characters that you really didn't want to try and screw around with," said Rick Ungar, president of Marvel Characters.

"I think it's one thing to present established characters as teenagers to the Marvel audience with certain characters. I think it would have been a bad idea to start doing with that Wolverine. I think Wolverine needed to be Wolverine. I think we all felt that way."

Although clearly recognizable, Wolverine will have a slighted altered appearance on the show.

"We had a lot of back and forth on the hair. That took a long time," said director Steve Gordon. "That seemed to be of most interest to Marvel. We went all different directions and wound up with this modified look where we didn't use the extreme wings that most people are used to. This is a little more natural and a little more in line with what the feature had. He doesn't have the mutton chops that make him look like a 60s refugee."

Wolverine's costume goes back to his costume from the early 1990s:

"Color-wise, that went through changes. This was a costume we were going all over the place with him, and I just kind of put together something and it seemed to stick," Gordon said. "We wanted to make him bare-armed, to give him a more primitive look, a brutal look.

"It's in that (brown) range, that's kind of where we originally wanted to go with it. Marvel didn't like that, so we kind of pulled back from that, but this was something we all felt comfortable with. All of the characters, to some degree or another, have buckles and kneepads to try to make it somewhat realistic as to what someone might actually need."

Wolverine's claws took on a look suited for animation.

"We came up with a shape we felt good with," Gordon said. "It's kind of a long blade that's angled at the end. It tapers, comes out and widens, and goes blunt at the end. It's an actual shape, as opposed to these long needles, which can be trouble because it's not a real shape that people can follow. We wanted to make sure the animators had a definitely model they can follow."

As Logan, the character often wears a cowboy hat and blue jeans. But Gordon noted that he goes through several outfits in the show, including a ninja suit and an attack suit.