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X-Men: Evolution Big Ratings, Episode Guide

The premiere episode of X-Men: Evolution on Kids' WB! on Saturday scored the highest ratings the network has seen all season.

In metered market overnight ratings, X-Men posted a 4.2 rating and a 12 share. Complete national ratings will be released later this week.

This Saturday's episode of X-Men: Evolution is "The X-Impulse," which features Shadowcat and Avalanche. The Saturday, Nov. 18 episode is "Rogue Recruit."

Below are the loglines for all 13 episodes of the first season of X-Men: Evolution. Here's a complete rundown, which includes guest appearances by Alex Summers, Forge and Juggernaut:


Written by Bob Forward, story by Rick Ungar and Avi Arad.

Nightcrawler arrives at the Xavier Institute as Toad attempts an infiltration.


Written by Greg Johnson, story by Ungar and Greg Johnson.

Xavier and Jean try to recruit Kitty Pryde into the X-Men, but Avalanche has other plans for her.


Written by Simon Furman.

Believing herself a danger to others, a mutant known only as Rogue goes on the run, as both the X-Men and Mystique race to recruit her first.


Written by Katherine Lawrence.

Although recruited by Mystique, Blob develops a crush on Jean and is determined to make her his girlfriend - at any cost.


Written by Bob Forward, story by Ungar and Bob Forward.

Evan and Pietro, fellow students and constant competitors, discover that they are both mutants with super-powers - which increases their competition to dangerous levels.


Written by Adam Beechen, story by Evelyn Gabai and Beechen.

After accidentally activating one of Forge's old inventions, Nightcrawler gets stuck between dimensions.


Written by Johnson, story by Ungar and Greg Johnson.

Scott and Rogue must survive a Geology Club field trip into stormy mountains, while realizing that the people they trust most have been lying to them.


Written by Christy Marx and Randy Littlejohn, story by Ungar, Marx and Littlejohn.

Spyke gets an assignment to document teen life events with a digicam - just as Sabretooth attacks the Institute.


Written by Hickey and McCoy.

It's survival training, mutant style. But while the X-Men are proving their mettle in the wilderness, the unstoppable Juggernaut escapes from prison to exact a little revenge against his brother - Professor Xavier.


Written by Forward, story by Jules Dennis.

Nightcrawler's recurring nightmares lead him to investigate the truth about his past.


Written by Len Uhley, story by Johnson.

A dormant, undiscovered computer chip in Wolverine's brain is reactivated, luring him to Canada... and to a hidden lab from his past.


Written by Furman.

As fights break out between good mutants and bad, Scott learns that his brother is still alive after 10 years, and must get to him before Magneto includes him in his dangerous plans.


Written by Johnson.

Magneto's ambitious plan for Mutantkind takes shape upon his fortress, Asteroid M.