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Unedited X-Men: Evolution Coming to DVD

The first DVD from the X-Men: Evolution animated series will arrive in stores next spring before the X-Men 2 movie reaches theaters, Marvel Studios' Craig Kyle revealed.

The DVD, from Warner Home Video, follows two VHS tapes with episodes from the first season. The DVD, however, will feature the first five episodes from the second season of the Kids' WB! animated series.

Those episodes are "Growing Pains (originally aired Sept. 29, 2001), "Bada-Bing Bada-Boom!" (originally aired Oct. 6, 2001), "Power Surge" (originally aired Oct. 13, 2002); "Fun and Games" (originally aired Oct. 20, 2001), and "Beast of Bayville" (originally aired Oct. 27, 2001).

The episodes introduced the New Mutants, including Boom-Boom, to Xavier Institute, as well featuring the first appearances of Beast and Aracde.

Three the episodes on the DVD - "Growing Pains," "Bada-Bing, Bada-Boom!" and "Power Surge" - will be in their first-cut versions. After the events of Sept. 11, those three episodes of X-Men: Evolution were edited for content.

"The network - with good reason - wanted to be mindful of what was being shown to a young audience," Kyle said. "Now, you can see the episodes as they were originally intended."

Kyle and the creators of X-Men: Evolution appeared at a comics convention in Los Angeles on Sunday, where the cut scenes were shown for the first time. Include was a key moment in "Growing Pains" dealing with Kitty and Lance.

Kyle said the as-yet-untitled DVD could be the first in a series of take-homes.

"These are really strong episodes, and I think sales will justify more DVDs," Kyle said. "Bottom line, we want to get all of the episodes on DVD."