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X-Men: Evolution's Fourth Season

Greg Johnson, story editor of X-Men: Evolution, said that the fourth season of the show will include new villains in addition to the continuation of the Apocalypse story arc.

"Yes, we have some new villains, one of which will take everyone by surprise," Johnson said.

The fourth season will have nine episodes, and work is well underway.

"Season 4 has some of the most unique stories of the entire series, thanks to the spirited creative sessions I have with Boyd Kirkland and Craig Kyle, in which we tend to throw things at each other," Johnson said. "Well, not really. But sometimes we'd like to.

"All of the stories have been generated in-house, and we've been pretty hard on ourselves in trying to keep every idea fresh. Often times, outlines have literally gone back to square one -- a frustration for the great writers who contribute to the show, like Bob Forward, William Cluverius, Marsha Griffin, Craig Kyle & Christopher Yost, and Michael Merton."

Johnson is writing four episodes himself.

"I am just getting into the two-part season finale now," Johnson said. "And if we've all done our jobs correctly, as the episodes roll, you'll be waiting for that finale with great anticipation."

X-Men: Evolution Cancelled

X-Men: Evolution won't be returning for a fifth season on Kids' WB!.

Official word on the show's status probably won't happen until the network announces its 2004-2005 lineup in the next few weeks.

Reported: January 31st, 2004.