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Artist David Nakayama Discusses X-Men: The Animated Series DVD Releases
By James Harvey

Marvel Animation Age has caught up with artist David Nakayama to discuss his contribution to the recent X-Men: The Animated Series - Volume Three and X-Men: The Animated Series - Volume Four DVD releases.

After providing the cover artwork for the previous X-Men: The Animated Series - Volume One and X-Men: The Animated Series - Volume Two DVD releases, artist David Nakayama returns to leave his mark on the latest two releases of the beloved 1990s animated series. Taking a closer look at the featured artwork on these two new releases, X-Men: The Animated Series - Volume Three and X-Men: The Animated Series - Volume Four, Nakayama says both the characters and the show itself serve as perfect inspiration.

"X-Men: The Animated Series - Volume Three was my attempt to give Apocalypse his due," says Nakayama. "Obviously, he's one of the X-men's all-time greatest foes and a primary player on this set of episodes, and though he shares the composition with Dark Phoenix here, he's the one with the team in his grasp, ready to crush them."

Nakayama says the color scheme used also adds to the overall feeling of danger in the X-Men: The Animated Series - Volume Three cover art, adding "to further heighten the sense of doom, I lit the scene from below with an angry red light."

Moving on to X-Men: The Animated Series - Volume Four, Nakayama strayed from any character-specific inspirations, instead aiming to pay homage to a moment from the classic opening titles from the series. Given the themes of the show, Nakayama says there's one moment in particular that absolutely encapsulates what the show is all about.

"I wanted to pay homage to the show's intro which, right before the logo appears, sort of culminates in this awesome and unforgettable scene in which a row of X-Men charges in from the left against virtually all their villains who're attacking from the right," says Nakayama. "It's the perfect clash of opposing forces, and I did a take on it here featuring Wolverine vs. Sabretooth and few other favorites in the background."

An alternate unpublished version of the cover was created, adds Nakayama, featuring about twelve characters on each side. He adds the unpublished art is more evocative of the intro scene, but wasn't suitable for a DVD cover. Nakayama hopes to make the artwork available soon. Marvel Animation Age would like to thank David Nakayama for his contribution and participation in this interview.

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