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X-Men: The Animated Series Episode Guide

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58. XM-411 Proteus, Part Two
Original Airdate October 7th, 1995
When Proteus discovers that his deadbeat dad is a prominent politician, he storms the Union Hall to disrupt his father's speech to tell him that he is his son. Angered at his father's reaction, Proteus creates havoc, and becomes an unstoppable force even the X-Men can't contain. Now it's up to Professor Xavier to prevent Proteus from hurting himself along with everyone else.

59. XM-412 Family Ties
Original Airdate May 4th, 1996
Shortly after Magneto breaks into the X-Mansion,he is captured by the High Evolutionary and his New Men. Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Beast and Wolverine are also captured and used as test subjects. In the process, the High Evolutionary reveals that Magneto is Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch's father!

60. XM-413 The Lotus and the Steel
Original Airdate - February 3rd, 1996
Realizing that he is slowly losing control, Wolverine quits the X-Men and returns to the rural Japan of his younger days in an effort to find himself. He works peacefully with a former spiritual teacher, the monk Oku, to build a temple. But when the neighboring village is threatened by a group of bandits led by the Silver Samurai, Wolverine is faced with the difficult decision to risk losing control in order to help the villagers.

61. XM-414 Have Yourself A Morlock Little Christmas
Original Airdate December 23rd, 1995
While the X-Men prepare for a festive Christmas celebration, Jubilee, Storm, and an extra grouchy Wolverine go last-minute shopping in Manhattan. But the jubilant mood quickly turns sour when the heroes find themselves in a race to save Leech, a member of the Morlocks.

62. XM-415 Beyond Good and Evil, Part One: The End of Time
Original Airdate November 4th, 1995
In the year 3999, Apocalypse obtains Cable's time machine and uses it to go back in time. Accidentally falling in the axis of time, Apocalypse hires Mister Sinister to kidnap psychics all across the universe.

63. XM-416 Beyond Good and Evil, Part Two: Promise of Apocalypse
Original Airdate November 11th, 1995
Bishop finds himself trapped in the axis of time while Apocalypse systematically kidnaps the most powerful psychics in the universe. Meanwhile, a mysterious new psychic joins the fight...Psylocke!

64. XM-417 Beyond Good and Evil, Part Three: The Lazarus Chamber
Original Airdate November 18th, 1995
Cable embarks on a mission to find the X-Men and destroy Apocalypse's Lazarus Chamber. Using a time-machine, Cable and the X-Men travel back in time to ancient Cairo and discover that Apocalypse plans on using the kidnapped psychics to destroy all of time and recreate the universe.

65. XM-418 Beyond Good and Evil, Part Four: End and Beginning
Original Airdate November 25th, 1995
As the true and terrifying nature of Apocalypse's final plan emerges, several in his band team up with the X-Men to stop him. With Bishop's help the psychics are freed and work together to destroy Apocalypse once and for all!

66. XM-419 The Phalanx Covenant, Part One
Original Airdate September 7th, 1996
Rushing to investigate a disturbance downtown, the X-Men find Sabretooth on the rampage again, but realize too late that it isn't really Sabretooth at all. It is the Phalanx, a voracious alien life-form that can assume the guise of anything or anyone. Before long, the X-Men are all captured, except for Beast, who must find a way to stop the alien horror from devouring the entire Earth.

67. XM-420 The Phalanx Covenant, Part Two
Original Airdate September 7th, 1996
The X-Men continue their battle with the Phalanx, a race of techno-organic aliens, while Warlock, Beast, Forge and Mr. Sinister try to put their minds together to find a way to defeat the aliens. Meanwhile, Magneto realizes that this might be his chance to see humanity fall and mutantkind to rule the earth.

68. XM-421 Storm Front, Part One
Original Airdate November 2nd, 1996
Arkon comes to Earth and begs Storm to return with him to his planet and save it from meteorological chaos. After much pleading, Storm agrees, but leaves a clue for the other X-Men to follow. The X-Men soon find out that Arkon's reasons may not be as simple as they first seem!

69. XM-422 Storm Front, Part Two
Original Airdate November 9th, 1996
The citizens of Arkon's planet prepare a huge celebration for his wedding to Storm. Meanwhile, after landing on the planet, the X-Men discover that Arkon is a ruthless tyrant with no compassion for his people. With the wedding just around the corner, the X-Men must find a way to convince Storm that the man she is marrying is not who she thought he was.

70. XM-423 Bloodlines
Original Airdate October 26th, 1996
Nightcrawler gets a mysterious message that his estranged birth mother is in trouble. He turns to the X-Men for assistance, but things get complicated when the X-Men realize the true identity of Nightcrawler's birth mother!

71. XM-501 The Fifth Horseman
Original Airdate February 8th, 1997
Apocalypse tasks Fabian Cortez with finding him a host body in order to escape the astral plane. Appearing at the wrong place at the wrong time, Jubilee is kidnapped by Fabian Cortez and is taken to the temple for the ceremony. But things don't go as planned when a very angry Beast catches up with the villain.

72. XM-502 Jubilee's Fairy Tale Theatre
Original Airdate November 16th, 1996
Jubilee and a group of school children are caught in a cave-in while touring the X-Mansion property. To keep the kids calm, Jubilee tells a medieval fairy tale of knights, princesses, trolls and dragons that strangely resemble some of her fellow X-Men.

73. XM-503 Old Soldiers
Original Airdate February 22nd, 1997
Flashback to World War II as Wolverine reminisces about his time in the service fighting alongside Captain America. A scientist has been kidnapped by the Red Skull and the two heroes must team up to infiltrate a Nazi base to save his life!

74. XM-504 Hidden Agendas
Original Airdate September 6th, 1997
Professor Xavier receives a call for help from the parents of a new mutant, Sam Guthrie. The X-Men travel down South to visit the new mutant and find that an Army official is planning on using Sam to do his bidding!

75. XM-505 Descent
Original Airdate September 13th, 1997
In London during England's Victorian era, two scientists, Dr. James Xavier and Dr. Nathaniel Essex, hotly debate Charles Darwin's theory of natural selection. Essex believes mutants are the next genetic step forward and begins a bizarre experiment involving mutant evolution. The origin of Mr. Sinister is revealed, as Dr. Xavier attempts to stop Essex before he goes too far.

76. XM-506 Graduation Day
Original Airdate September 20th, 1997
It's the final episode! At a Mutant/Human Relations Summit, Henry Peter Gyrich attacks and severely injures Professor Xavier with an energy disruptor. Meanwhile Magneto makes final preparations to take over the world with his mutant army, but on the eve of the invasion Cyclops, Wolverine, and Jean Grey infiltrate Genosha to tell Magneto that Xavier is dying. Magneto halts his plants out of respect to his long-time friend and joins the X-Men as they say farewell to their beloved mentor.

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