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X-Men Adventures Cover Gallery

X-Men Adventures was a comic book spin-off of the animated series. The first issue of the initial volume hitting in November 1992, it adapted the first three seasons of the show over the course of three different volumes (i.e. X-Men Adventures Season 2, X-Men Adventures Season 3). In April 1996, the title was renamed Adventures of the X-Men and focused on original stories set within the same continuity.

The comic book lasted until March 1997, shortly after the the final episode of X-Men: The Animated Series aired. The title lasted for over fifty issues in total before it was cancelled and replaced with the non-canon Marvel Adventures series.

Click on the thumbnails below for a closer look at each cover. Also included below is special production and bonus artwork from the series. The content below comes from a host of different outlets and sources and is reproduced without consent strictly for archival purposes.

X-Men Adventures

X-Men Adventures Season 2

X-Men Adventures Season 3

Adventures of the X-Men (aka X-Men Adventures Season 4)

X-Men Adventures Production, Bonus Images

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