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Secrets Not Long Buried
Review and Media By Stu

Episode #48 - Secrets Not Long Buried
Original Airdate 17th February 1996

Cyclops visits an old teacher only to discover strange things about the town he lives in...

Written By: Mark Onspaugh
Music Composed By: Shuki Levy
Animation Services By: AKOM

Review: An odd episode to say the least, if only because the hero isnít in costume at any time in the episode, and the rest of The X-Men donít even appear! Solo Cyclops episodes have always been a little different from everyone elseís on the show, but this one was just weird.

The opening was pretty cool, if only to see the old Kirby suits. Iíve always dug the fanboy nods shown throughout the show, even if I didnít notice/understand them, but Iíve always dug the old Kirby costumes, and itís simply cool seeing them on TV. The old costumeís arenít the only fanboy nods in the episode, a lot of the mutants in Skull Valley are mutants from the comics, most notably, who makes his only non-cameo appearance in this episode. Iíve never been a massive Toad fan, and this version did nothing to change that.

In fact, itís the villains that stand as the weakest aspect of the episode. They were mediocre from start to finish, Iím actually glad they didnít appear again. I canít quite put my finger on why, but they were really odd villains. They werenít the only odd aspects of the episode, however. Scott himself gives a man who offers him a lift an earful for not slowing down earlier. He later barges in on the same Doctor, and starts barking orders at him. The bang on his noggin obviously left olí Slim a little loopy!

Other than that, itís a perfectly good episode, it has some nice flashback sequences with Scott and thereís nothing particularly wrong with it, villains aside. Itís just damn weird.