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The Phoenix Saga Part One, Sacrifice
Review and Media By Stu

Episode #29 - The Phoenix Saga Part One, Sacrifice
Original Airdate 5th Semptember 1994

Xavier sends the X-Men into space on a mission of extreme importance after he begins to suffer from vivid dreams of an alien world.

Written By: Michael Edens
Music Composed By: Shuki Levy
Animation Services By: AKOM
Guest Starring: Lawrence Bayne as Erik the Redd

Review: Arguably the most famous X-Men story ever, it was only a matter of time before Phoenix made itís way into the show, given how closely this show followed the comics. Itís the longest story the show ever did, with 5 full episodes devoted to it, with itís follow up receiving another 4 episodes. Itís not a perfect arc, but it is pretty enjoyable.

This particular episode opens with a gigantic fight in space, which in all honesty lasted around twice as long as it should have. The viewer has absolutely no idea what is actually going on, and if it werenít for the terrible designs of the spaceships, you arguably couldnít tell youíre watching an episode of X-Men. On the subject of this, thereís very little human/mutant dilemmaís here, itís all one big massive space adventure starring your favourite mutants.

The opening is arguably the dullest of the episodes. I honestly feel this story couldíve told in far less time than it actually did and a few of the episodes have pacing problems, this one being the main victim. It seems to take the X-Men forever simply to aboard the spaceship. There were some great nods to Night Of The Sentinels, with the X-Men once again breaking into a Government facility and the music had a eerily familiarity to it.

If the review makes this episode sound a little weak, thatís because it was. These episodes work well as a movie, but as individual episodes, this one comes across as mediocre. The villain of the piece doesnít help matters. Eric The Red is arguably one of the showís weakest villains, and has little to no character to him. Sure he complains about how pitiful humans are which usually results in him getting his ass tanned.

Overall, an unfortunately dull opening to a good arc. It only gets better from here folks!