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Oprhans End
Review and Media By Stu

Episode #43 - Oprhans End
Original Airdate 25th February 1995

Corsair arrives on Earth and learns that he is Cyclops Father, just in time for Scott to learn his old man is wanted for kidnapping by The Sh'air!

Written By: Douglas Booth
Music Composed By: Shuki Levy
Animation Services By: AKOM

Review: The secret behind Cyclops and Corsairís relationship is finally revealed in this single, standalone episode. Iím glad they gave this story itís own episode, trying to jam this into the Phoenix Saga wouldíve been a huge mistake. The fact the viewers already knew Corsair was his Father only made the build up more interesting.

Certainly an enjoyable episode, which surprised me, because, if youíve reading these reviews, youíre probably aware that I donít care for aliens in X-Men and I think X-Men should be about humans versus mutants, or something to that nature. What I enjoyed most about it was the mystery as to whether or not Corsair could be trusted or not, and Cyclops reactions to his Dadís story. His speech about not being wanted after he thought his Dad died was especially well done, with excellent delivery from Norm Spencer. I think Norm was a good Cyclops and usually managed to make the most out of the occasional cheesy dialogue that Cyclops sometimes got lumbered with.

Visually, the episode actually pleases for once, with little to no screw-ups, and above average animation by AKOMís standards. Cyclops was again using the blue on black looking model, which simply looks far cooler than his original design. Stormís hair was also slightly tweaked and she looked a lot better for it, the animators didnít have to put up with all that hair, giving them an easier time.

Orphans End stands an above average episode, and is arguably one of Cyclopsí finest moments.