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One Man's Worth, Part One and Two
Review and Media By Bird Boy and James Harvey

54. One Man's Worth, Part One
Original Airdate – September 9th, 1995
Trevor Fitzroy and Bantam are ordered by Master Mold to travel back in time to 1959 and kill Professor X. This creates an "alternate present" where a human-mutant war has caused the fall of civilization. Led by Magneto, the mutants fight an unending battle with the humans for the right to survive. Bishop and Shard arrive to the alternate present and realize that they must attempt to go back in time to prevent Professor X's assassination and save the world!

55. One Man's Worth, Part Two
Original Airdate – September 16th, 1995
Failing to stop the assassination of Xavier, Bishop, Shard, Storm and Wolverine travel forward to the future, a future changed that's been changed by their actions. The group find Forge's time travel machine only to find that it has never been tested, and Forge has no idea who these four time travelers are. Now faced with the possibility that they won't be able to repair the damage they caused, the heroes are left with little to no hope of saving the world.

Written By: Richard Mueller (Part 1), Gary Greenfield (Part 2)
Music Composed By:Shuki Levy
Animation Services By: AKOM

Well that was…confusing. Then again, it wouldn’t be a time-traveling episode if it wasn't.

Basic plot summary is Bishop and Shard travel through time to find two Mutants to aid them in their quest to stop Fitzroy’s orders from Mastermold. The orders are to travel through time and kill Professor Xavier when he’s still a student at college. By doing this, Fitzroy sets in a chain of events that turns the Earth into a war zone, with constant battles of Mutants fighting humans and supersoldiers.

While all that’s well and good, we get some comedic moments that I’m sure weren’t meant to be comedic. The constant show of passion between Future Logan and Future Storm is nothing short of hilarious. Logan’s repeated “I’m sorry darlin’, I just love ya” dialogue was strange enough the first time, but as similar situations come up where he repeats variations of it…it’s just pretty damn hilarious.

The animation is pretty standard in this episode. You never expect anything brilliant from X-Men (not from my point of view anyway), but the character designs in here are really very nice. Why everyone has a mohawk in the future, I don’t know. I guess it’s the whole rebellion thing.

One really neat thing the episode showed was the impact of Xavier on the X-Men world. Without him, his knowledge and his diplomatic skills, he kept the world from turning itself into a battleground. Xavier is their savior (yes, that rhyme was intentional) and it was good to have an episode to focus on his importance.

Overall, it had its moments. Most of the time it was just Logan power-hour though, with him tearing everything up and Storm and Bishop occasionally destroying a few things (it was Bishop, however, who finally killed Nimrod). It’s not something I’d scramble to watch again, but fans will want to check it out just for the alternate universe and “what if” issues the show throws out.