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Old Soldiers
Review by Stu, Media by James Harvey

Episode #73 - Old Soldiers
Original Airdate: February 22nd, 1997

Wolverine and Captain America must break into a Nazi establishment in order to rescue a kidnapped scientist held captive by the Red Skull.

Written By: Len Weing
Music Composed By: Shuki Levy
Animation Services By: Philippines
Guest Starring: Lawrence Bayne as Captain America

Review: This is one episode that certainly lives up to it’s reputation as one of the show’s best episodes, simply because it’s so much fun to see Captain America! Whilst it’s not completely perfect, and has a few questionable moments, there’s little denying the episode has charm.

It’s weird to see a pre-adamantium Wolverine, especially considering in this show’s continuity, he didn’t remember anything that happened to him before he got his claws. Seeing him with the strap on claws was a little jarring, but, to hell with it, the episode is too much fun to waste time on little details like this!

Whilst I think they could’ve done a much better job casting Captain America, and the design needed a little work (black underoos, why?!) I thought Mr. USA came across very well here. I think I prefer the version that appeared over in Spider-Man more, but only by a slight margin. Red Skull had a weird design. I thought the black eyes were a very cool effect, but his face was a little angular, and his suit looked like pyjamas. It looks like a clear case of “no Nazis” from the shows over protective censors, as Hitler is dubbed “Uncle Adolf” and the swastika is nowhere to be seen.

The “escape” scene was probably the worst part of the episode, as Logan and Cap were trapped for all of 20 seconds and their breakout was almost embarrassing to watch. Thankfully, it’s quickly dealt with and the episodes focus soon shifts to Cap and Wolverine escaping the mansion. The episode’s animation is much better than most of the stuff AKOM came up with, and generally pleases throughout, despite the odd repeated shot of Logan. The episode’s script varies throughout, ranging from excellent to well “this door smells like fear” or something just as daft.

Overall, this is a very enjoyable team up episode, which is a great change of pace from the usual X-Men story, and is a definitive favourite amongst many of the shows fans!