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Review by screw on head, Media by Stu

Episode #35 - Obsession
Original Airdate 24th Semptermber 1994

Archangel sets out to finally kill Apocalypse but Beast finds a better way, thanks to Apocaypse's own ship willing to help him.

Written By: Adam Gilad
Music Composed By: Shuki Levy
Animation Services By: AKOM
Guest Starring: Stephen Ouimette as Angel/Warren Worthington III and John Colicos as Apocalypse/En Sabah Nur

Review: Obsession just so happens to be one of my favorite X-Men episodes. The story flows very smoothly, and for once, so does the rather fluid and consistant animation that graces this episode. An X-Men the Animated Series fan couldn't ask for more with this episode, the emotional character moments, the sheer entertainment value of the action in this episode, and the rather satisfying feeling you get once this story's twenty two minutes are up.

I could understand if Archangel's drive for vengence might seem to be laid on a little too thick for some viewers. Steven Oulmette belts out a very spirited performance as Archangel, and coupled with his already intense dialogue, his character just becomes a case of 'love 'em or hate 'em. With a character as one note as Archangel in this story, it's understandable for one to have a hard time liking to him. I found Archangel's intensity to be a very endearing quality, where I found myself sympathizing with his need for vengance on Apocalypse, the individual who transformed him into the adamantium winged monster he finds himself as. Rogue accompaying Archangel through much of the episode worked really well for me, because her sympathy toward him did a lot to show the tragic side of him, as well as show Archangel's unrelenting drive to stop that 'big capital A.'

I loved that the X-Men fought as a team in this episode, and had a plan for once while in they're in battle. Apocalypse and the ship he's commandeered are a very viable threat here, ones worthy to take on the X-Men. Again, there's plenty here to satisfy anyone's superhero action fix. Wolverine, Cyclops, and Gambit are each given their fair share of screen time battling the ship's defense system. Beast, on the other hand, forms a bond with the Ship that certainly pays off by the end of the episode. Some might have a hard time seeing why Beast would form such an affection for the ship, but regardless of why, it was certainly a relationship worth developing, because you really feel bad for the ship, and sympathize with Beast especially, once it's all said and done.

Apocalypse's trickery at the end of the episode allowed for some great stuff. Once Achangel barges in to make good on his promise of killing Apocalypse, 'ol 'A-belt' tricks Angel into attacking a nonexistant weak spot of the force field that's encasing him. Instead of freeing Apocalypse for battle, Archangel's attack on the force field unwittingly results in the destruction of the ship. Apocalypse's trickery allows for a chain reaction of emotions that makes this whole ending worth while. Beast has to part ways with the ship he has come to deeply care for. Archangel becomes further enraged by Apocalypse's trickery, because he has been denied a true chance at taking Apoc down. Seeing these strong reactions from the characters make this whole episode worth watching.

By the end, the X-Men aren't able to leave as absolute victors, and Apocalypse, while defeated, can still take solice in the fact that he denied Xavier's mutants a true victory. Beast's sobbing might come off as a little cheesy, but I felt bad for the poor blue-furred guy, and for his lost love, the now demolished ship that he fought so hard to save. It's episodes like this that make X-Men one of my favorite Marvel animated series.