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Review and Media By Stu

Episode #70 - Longshot
Original Airdate 5th October 1996

Longshot escapes Mojo's dimension, but the fat TV host follows him, once again leaving the X-Men to battle the gargantuan villain.

Written By: Steven Melching, David McDermott
Music Composed By: Shuki Levy
Animation Services By: AKOM

Review: This episode initially came as a surprise to me because, after a few seconds, Iíd realised Iíd never seen it before! Longshot was never the most interesting of characters to me, but hell, a new to me episode is awesome by itself. Much to my surprise, it was a fairly good episode too. There are a couple of dozen episodes Iíd have rather seen than a sequel to Mojovision, but thankfully, itís much better than the aforementioned episode.

The episode was helped greatly due to some awesome animation. This was one of the few episodes that Philippines animated before they completely revamped the show, and itís a thousand times better than what AKOM could produce. Itís not quite as nice as Out Of The Past, but itís slightly better than Cold Comfort. Despite the fact she was one of the episodeís main focusí, Jubilee wasnít quite as annoying as usual. She couldíve have been presented as entertaining her, hadnít they done that awful Storm-style speech with her pretending to be ďJubilee, Mistress of The Elements!Ē. Ugh.

Iím not quite sure why, but during the fight in the park, music from The Incredible Hulk was played. It was a slower version of music used in ďReturn of The Beast, Part OneĒ albeit, slowed down a little. Whether or not Hulk was made first or not, Iím not sure. It wasnít distracting in any way, but still surprising.

As I said above, Iím not too big a fan of Longshot, or Mojo. Mojo himself is a ghastly villain, a constant annoyance throughout the episode. Iím aware that thatís how heís supposed to be, but I think they couldíve done with a complete revamp of the character. A ruthless TV executive from another dimension couldíve been a great villain if used right. I like what they did with the character in Ultimate X-Men, and I wish we couldíve seen something similar here.

Despite this minor grumble, the majority of the episode is entertaining, but itís the animation thatís the standout here.