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The Juggernaut Returns
Review and Media By Stu

Episode #44 - The Juggernaut Returns
Original Airdate 5th June 1995

The X-Men fight to save Juggernaut's life after his powers are stolen

Written By: Julianne Klemmt
Music Composed By: Shuki Levy
Animation Services By: AKOM
Guest Starring: Rick Bennett as Juggernaut

Review: In a series absolutely bursting with crossovers, story arcs that cumulate over several episodes, each with constant twists and turns, itís nice to occasionally have a nice, single episode which tells itís story in 22 minutes and is enjoyable enough not to be considered a pointless waste of time.

The Juggernaut Returns fits this description perfectly. Itís an odd situation that Juggernaut finds himself him, which is made perfectly expectable through the humour that is shown throughout the episode (imagine how weird this episode wouldíve been had another thug stolen his powers?)

The geek who stole his powers was simply amusing throughout. Stuff like this can come across as really lame, but the creative team didnít overdo it, managing to keep it funny. I especially liked Wolverine and Cyclops little speech with him both of who were visiting Morph at the time, which made for an awesome little cameo.

It wasnít all humour though, as Xavier took a trip into Cainís mind, we saw what made him become what he is today. I never really thought about a lot of this stuff in the original Juggernaut episode, but it was cool to see his origin, and he truly did believe that Xavier was the cause of all the problems in his life. The conflict of whether or not to save Juggernaut was executed just as well as the humour, without overdoing it to ridiculous lengths. It made the ending, with Juggernaut choosing not to fit them all the more better. Again, restraint shown by the writer by not having Juggernaut thank them turned out to be the much better move.

A thoroughly enjoyable episode, with some great origin sequences and a few good dilemmas.