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Hidden Agenda
Review and Media By Stu

Episode #74 - Hidden Agenda
Original Airdate 8th Feburary 1997

Rouge confronts a new mutant that has been making waves in his hometown

Written By: Steven Melching, David McDermott
Music Composed By: Shuki Levy
Animation Services By: AKOM

Review: This episode was certainly a surprise, especially this late along in the game. Iím not sure why they chose to introduce a new character and start what appears to be the beginning of a subplot of Government agents manipulating mutants to hunt their own kind, but alas, an episode should be judged on how entertaining it is, not what couldíve been done in itís place.

The first thing immediately noticeable is the Southern accents and how absolutely terrible they are throughout the episode. Worse still, Chris Potter no longer portrays Gambit, and most of the characters charm was lost because of it. The new guy seemed to simply try and impersonate Potter, with dire results. The new Gambit sounded incredibly cheesy, which is a shame, as his revamp made him look cool and mysterious, instead of a man in pink. Whilst itís true a lot of the revamped designs are simply the same designs drawn slightly differently and coloured better, thereís no denying that theyíre a whole lot better looking for it.

Other than this, this is basically a typical X-Men episode. Itís by no means bad, but thereís nothing especially memorable about it. I think they couldíve done something a lot better in its place, but, eh, thisíll have to do.