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Family Ties
Review and Media By Stu

Episode #63 - Family Ties
Original Airdate - May 4th, 1996

Magneto is summoned by his dead wife to a reunion, but all is not as it seems

Written By: Marley Clark
Music Composed By: Shuki Levy
Animation Services By: AKOM

Review: This is one of those episodes where I found myself confused as to what was going on, and after thinking it through and trying to figure out what just happened, I became ever more lost.

I’ve never found The Scarlet Witch to be an interesting character, and Quicksilver’s arrogance was always annoyed me, and personally, I think Magneto was a more interesting character without them here.

There are some things I don’t expect to see in an X-Men cartoon, and talking animals is one of them. I understand they were mutations created by The High Evolutionary (who?!) but, was there any need for a talking cow?

This episode isn’t especially a bad one, but the majority of it was lost on me, and after a few minutes, I simply lost interest.