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Enter Magneto
Review and Media By James Harvey

Episode #3 - Enter Magneto
Original Airdate – November 14th, 1992
Magneto, Professor X's old friend and new enemy, has returned and is preparing to launch nuclear missiles in order to ensure a war between mutants and humans.

Written By: Jim Carlson
Music Composed By: Shuki Levy
Animation Services By: AKOM
Guest Starring: Cal Dodd as Wolverine, Norm Spencer as Cyclops, Cedric Smith as Professor Charles Xavier, George Buza as Beast, Catherine Disher as Jean Grey, Court as Jubille, and David Hemblam as Magneto.

Review: I’ll get comments on the animation out of the way before I continue. I understand that a cartoon is supposed to provide the best animation possible, something that didn’t seem to happen that much in the first season, or the majority of the series, in X-Men. The first season was particularly weak. Sure there’d be great action shots and some good movements, but countless animation mistakes and sometimes terrible animation marred the series. The first season is a high example of this.

In short? Most of the animation in season one sucked. Cool? Can we move on? Excellent!

As you can tell by the episode title, we’re introduced to Magneto, a mysterious mutant with connections to Xavier’s past. Magneto wants to see mutants take their rightful spot at the top of the food chain through force, but the X-Men don’t see eye to eye. Fight scenes and action ensues.

This is the fine kick off to a two-part episode (well, an “official” two-part episode since the majority of the first season was an ongoing serial), but lacks the emotional punch we see in part two. This is all set-up to the character of Magneto, and also explores some of Xavier’s past. Toss in some action and we have a fine introduction to the X-Men’s first real villain. We get some fun “comic-book”-like dialogue and exposition, but overall this manages to flow pretty well.

However, it gets better in Part two...